Communicate a taxi only mobility app in a moment when the public opinion on taxi drivers was at it’s lowest point.
Based on the insight that taxi drivers know the city of Lisbon better than any app, we created a content driven integrated communication campaign.
Off the Map ("Fora do Mapa”)
How it works?
We invited 3 Portuguese personalities for a taxi trip to an undisclosed location in Lisbon. Each one called their own taxi through the app and instead of telling where they wanted to go, they told the what they wanted to do. The taxi drivers knew they were being filmed but they didn’t know the special request that was going to be made and had to give destination suggestions on the spot. The experience originated a branded series with 3 episodes.
277.000 views on YouTube and 2.500.000 views on Facebook, leading to more than 10.000 reaction on social media and, more importantly, the campaign directly generated 7.000 new trip using the mytaxi app.
Brand: mytaxi
Project: Off the Map
Agency: comOn
My Role: Strategist

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