Empathy is comOn’s core value and marketing tool. An agency that believes marketing is more meaningful when brands are able to “walk a mile” in their users’ shoes. But every agency claims to have an unique positioning and innovative creative process. 
How could we prove that, for comOn, empathy is much more than a buzzword? 
To get the attention of CMOs and brand managers in Portugal we needed to be useful and relevant. And to positioning comOn as a full-service marketing agency, we needed to show expertise in new areas. 
Our insight was: if empathy is so important in marketing, as comOn claims, what do we really know about it? And what are the most emphatic brands and market categories? This knowledge gap compelled us to put words into action and create the first study on brand empathy in Portugal.
WHO CARES: The Brand Empathy Report
The first study about the empathy of brands in Portugal, which analysed the consumer perception of 50 different brands and 8 market categories.
How it works?
To make it easier to access all the information we created an interactive tool where users could explore and filter the results to fit their specific needs. With this tool everyone can know, in detail, the ability of 50 brands to understand what portuguese consumers think, feel and need.
At it is possible to deepen the knowledge about empathy, exploring all the study data in a fast and intuitive way. The results can be segmented by market category, gender, age, income, qualifications and region, thus allowing to obtain concrete data about specific consumer segments and understanding in more detail what they need.
ComOn decided to share the study free of charge, as a contribution to the marketing industry in Portugal, so the ROI of this initiative couldn’t be monetary. But it was precious nonetheless.
We got the attention of the market and strengthened our Empathy positioning. We collected a segmented database with hundreds of Portuguese brand decision makers, but more importantly: new doors were opened for new projects with new scopes. 
The study website was also awarded "Site Of The Day” by several entities, including Awwwards and CSS Design Awards.
Client: comOn (Self-Promo)
Project: Who Cares
Agency: comOn
My Role: Chief Marketing Officer

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