It’s April 28th, 2016, and my 30th birthday is in two days. It’s my golden birthday, I’m turning 30 on the 30th of April, and I have no idea how to celebrate it. 
My friends kept asking if there will be a party and after dodging the question for days, I finally come up with a last minute idea: to celebrate my birthday 30 times. 
We celebrate birthdays, but the only thing we have to do is not die for 365 days. Aren’t there more important things we should also celebrate? What if all birthdays became less about getting stuff and more about living new adventures? What if birthdays became less about getting old and more about feeling young? What if we could live more just by changing the way we celebrate our birthday?
30 years of life, 30 weeks of living
How it works
I made a list of 30 things I was grateful for and celebrated each one with a mad experience every week, for 30 weeks straight.
You can read all about this adventure here.

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