Agency Safari

Exploring the wild agencies of tomorrow.

Most agencies are a bit like caged animals, limited by traditional corporate structures and the pressure to maximize shareholder wealth. But others still run free, on the outskirts of the industry. I call them wild agencies  - independent or lesser-known companies re-thinking the value an agency can deliver, experimenting with bold new organisational designs and diversifying what they make and how they work. Agency Safari is a 3-month quest to find and document these companies.

I will hopefully return from this Safari with a couple of trophies to share with all participating agencies, including a podcast featuring the most inspiring interviews, and periodic articles summarising the learnings and insights I uncover along the way. The journey will culminate in a final report that will hopefully provide a snapshot of the culture and business model of the wildest agencies

My name is Filipe Macedo and, until December, I will be personally visiting some of these unconventional companies to further develop my research. It’s impossible to visit every wild agency in the world - some might not even go by the word “agency” anymore - so I need your help spotting the wildest ones. If you think your company is one of these rare creatures or if you know one that is, please leave your recommendation below or email me directly.
Thank you for your interest. I'll be in touch soon.
Wild creatures don’t usually welcome hunters, but what if the hunter was packed with knowledge instead of guns? The world is becoming too fast and too complex for one company to have all the answers inside, and by taking part in this project agencies are gaining access to valuable lessons from other nonconformists.
I’m currently reaching out to agencies across the globe to assess which ones I will be able to observe in loco. My visits may vary from as little as 1-hour chat and quick office tour to several days working full-time at the host agency. If you're interested in participating or want to know more, please get in touch.

Follow the adventure
The Agency Safari officially starts on September 10th in Helsinki, where I'll stay for 4 weeks working full-time at hasan & Partners. These first weeks will lay the groundwork for a future creatives exchange program I’m helping ADC*E put together. After Finland, I'll visit 7 more countries in Europe before moving on to agencies in Asia and Australia. You can follow the whole adventure on InstagramMedium or subscribe to the mailing list.

Helsinki (10.Sep-07.Oct)
Stockholm (08.Oct-10.Oct)
Copenhagen (11.Oct)
Paris (12-14.Oct)
Antwerp (15-16.Oct)
Cologne (17.Oct)
Hamburg (18.Oct)
Berlin (19-22.Oct)
Warsaw (23.Oct)
Amsterdam (24-26.Oct)
Tokyo (28.Oct-04.Nov)
Shanghai (04.Nov-07.Nov)
Hong Kong (07.Nov-11.Nov)
Singapore (11.Nov-15.Nov)
Melbourne (15.Nov-24.Nov)
Agency Safari
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